• We offer $2 MILLION in professional liability insurance at only a portion of the cost of union alternatives.
  • We have the largest in-house legal staff of professional educators' associations in Oklahoma. 
  • We provide no-cost access to staff attorneys who may help with job-related legal questions or employment law concerns.
  • We are not affiliated with any national organization and have no outside dues or agendas. We serve Oklahoma educators exclusively.
  • We are non-union and nonpartisan, providing educators with an alternative to partisan politics and non-educational agendas.
    • We are nonpartisan - we do not endorse or make contributions to any political candidates - which enables us to work with all political parties in pursuit of positive educational change.
    • We are non-union, which allows us to provide professional liability insurance at much lower rates, without any political entanglements.
  • We work tirelessly throughout the legislative session to advocate for the issues related to education only.
  • We are committed to lobbying on behalf of the expressed wishes of our members, based on feedback obtained through an annual survey.

Membership Rates

$396.00 per year; $33.00 per month - 12 months
(Superintendent or Principal)

$288.00 per year; $24.00 per month - 12 months
(Certified Personnel)

Support Staff:
$192.00 per year; $16.00 per month - 12 months
(Non-certified Personnel)

Entry Level Teacher:
$168.00 per year; $14.00 per month - 12 months
(First Year of Teaching)

Retired Educator:
$24.00 per year

Student Teacher/Education Major:
$15.00 per year