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Legal Protection

The POE Legal Department provides eligible members with legal assistance and representation on topics such as terminations, disciplinary matters, illegal discrimination, leave, evaluations, contracts, and more.

Oklahoma teachers often cite professional liability insurance as a major reason for becoming a member, and rightly so. Our $2 MILLION PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY COVERAGE provides members with the most liability protection of any organization in Oklahoma, and at the LOWEST cost.

However, as a Professional Oklahoma Educators member, you actually receive two (2) very important types of legal protection:
Members of Professional Oklahoma Educators can rest at ease knowing they are provided service by a licensed attorney if they encounter job-related legal issues.

Members' legal cases are NOT reviewed prior to determining whether or not legal services will be provided. 

Professional Oklahoma Educators will return ALL initial legal calls within 24 hours, including holidays and weekends.

Members are directly connected to a licensed attorney and are NEVER required to speak with an advocacy specialist or another staff member about confidential legal matters.

Plus, members receive UNLIMITED consultations with a licensed attorney on personal legal issues.