Eli Plant

Eli Plant is an Associate General Counsel for the Professional Oklahoma Educators (POE).  Eli provides legal advice and representation to POE members in the areas of employment and education law and an array of other personal legal matters.  In addition, he uses his background in business to take the lead on review of internal corporate contracts and analysis of administrative and management issues within POE.
Eli has been with POE since 2013.  He graduated from the University Of Oklahoma College Of Law the same year and joined the POE staff shortly thereafter.  During law school he worked under one of the most accomplished and respected criminal attorneys in Oklahoma. Before graduating from law school, Eli completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Oklahoma, receiving a Bachelor of Business Administration degree.  During his time in business school Eli also served as general manager of R & K, Inc.
Eli takes pride in working for the excellent educators of Oklahoma and gets immense satisfaction from protecting and assisting them in and outside of the classroom.  Notably, Eli successfully negotiated a favorable settlement in front of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and has provided essential aid to the POE legal team in recent employment litigation.  Outside of employment and education law, Eli was recently able to protect a POE member at a protective order hearing, wherein the POE member was granted a protective order against a violent and threatening parent. Eli has also helped several members negotiate settlements with debt collectors and other third party contractors.  These are just a few examples of the work Eli does for POE members on a daily basis.
Eli and his wife Sara, a former third grade teacher in Norman Public Schools, have a two year old daughter, Penelope, and live in Norman. Though they are both originally from the Dallas–Fort Worth area, Eli and Sara consider themselves Okies after living in Norman for over ten years.