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Why Join SPOE?

Why do students join pre-professional organizations?  Here are some reasons that you, as a pre-service teacher, should join an education association:

Professional Development
– the education associations at ECU provide you with beneficial professional development. These are things that take you above and beyond the classroom experience and help familiarize you with the teaching profession. They can go on your resume to demonstrate a depth of knowledge beyond the average student. 

Networking – the education associations provide you with opportunities to network with other educational professionals.

Leadership Experience – for those who are interested in officer positions, those come available every year and are excellent ways to develop leadership experience you can take to your school and beyond.  In addition, being involved in the activities on a regular basis can help you to develop insight into activities you might want to duplicate on a school campus and demonstrates your willingness to participate in school activities. This leadership experience also looks great on a resume!

Develop Team Collaboration Skills – as you work with other members of the education association to complete a project or conduct an event, you are developing your skills as a productive team member. This is a great skill to have going into the teaching profession and something you should highlight in an interview.

Shopping Perks – membership in an education organization will also give you discounts for things like travel, cell phones, and shopping.

Resume Buildingbeing a member in a pre-professional organization is one thing that can place you above the next applicant when looking for a job. Student membership demonstrates a desire to be active in your profession, and involvement in activities gives you something to talk about in a interview. 

So, now that you know a few reasons why you should join an education association, here are a few reasons why you should consider SPOE specifically:

$2,000,000 Liability Insurance – while this is actually a feature we hope you never have to use, it is the best liability insurance policy you will receive either as a pre-service teacher or as a teacher. In a day of high litigation, that is worth something!

Inexpensive Membership Dues – this is the organization with the lowest cost of membership. It is only $15 per year to join SPOE. When you become a teacher, the related professional organization, POE, is also the least expensive organization for professionals.

Oklahoma-Based Organization – all funds that go to SPOE stay within the state of Oklahoma and are not funneled off to a larger national organization. This is important to you as a student because it means that your membership funds are used for things that pertain directly to you. There is no national oversight that directs how funds can/cannot be used, and there is no support for national organizations that do not pertain to education.

Sister Organizations – if you like the fact that this is a statewide only organization but do not intend to stay in Oklahoma after graduation, it is still a great place to get involved!  There are sister organizations in 27 states, and this is a jump-start for you to get involved in these state organizations that will support you as a teacher.

Changing the Face of SPOE – if you like being on the front lines of new and developing organizations, SPOE is bringing some new things to the table this year and you could have the opportunity to be involved in shaping how these transpire. Since we are a state-wide organization, we have the ability to listen to your needs as a student and bring about quick developments to meet those needs. One of the things we heard was that you wanted some things at the state level.  So, we are working to develop some new state-wide events and awards. This is the kind of change that can only happen with an organization that focuses on the local student and teacher.