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GotZoom Member Discount Program

Facts about GotZoom:
  • In 2017, GotZoom was able to deliver an average student loan debt reduction of 65% to their clients.
  • This company is not a bank or lender and does not consolidate or refinance your student debt; instead, it leverages the federal student loan programs offered by the US Dept. of Education, which offers many different repayment programs.
  • The savings available to you varies depending on your personal situation and the type of work you do.
  • GotZoom is the only company that offers you the option to estimate your savings online using its secure, cloud-based platform. 
Click GOTZOOM Information to see how this company specifically helps educators. 

To find out how much GotZoom can help with your student loan debt, please click the following link to receive a personal analysis: 
  • Just follow the instructions to get your benefits analysis started.
  • Once uploaded, you will be contacted directly by GotZoom within five business days to discuss your federal student loan repayment options and the associated savings.
  • This initial analysis is free.
We hope that many of you (and your families) will be able to save money with this POE benefit!