About POE

Professional Oklahoma Educators (POE) serves the needs of teachers, paraprofessionals, administrators, college and university education majors, retired educators and all public education employees in Oklahoma and fights for schools and public education on the state and national levels.

  • POE was founded in 1988 by a group of educators and invested supporters.
  • POE provides critical liability insurance and legal protection at an affordable cost without all the partisan politics and controversial social issues.
  • POE is NOT a labor union. It is a non-profit, professional organization. 
  • POE is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of classroom teachers, retired educators and business leaders.
  • POE is nonpartisan, enabling it to work with ALL political parties in the pursuit of positive educational change.
  • POE does NOT endorse or make contributions to political candidates or political causes.
  • POE lobbies on issues related to EDUCATION ONLY.
  • POE does NOT pay dues to any national organizations - your member dues stay in Oklahoma
  • POE offers quality professional development opportunities to members and other education personnel. 
  • POE is a Character First organization. 

Our goal is to achieve what is best for Oklahoma students. Because of our commitment to professionalism and our dedication to our students, we do not promote walkouts or strikes. We believe our focus as educators should be on educating our children. Therefore, we believe it is imperative that administrators, teachers and parents work together in a respectable manner to help each student in Oklahoma achieve his or her highest level in academics and leadership.

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