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Thursday, March 30, 2017


POE Conversations

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Start Date:  3/30/2017 5:30 PM EST
End Date:  3/30/2017 7:00 PM EST
Venue Name:  Duncan Middle School Commons
Location:  601 Chisholm Trail Parkway
   Duncan, OK United States
Organization Name: POE
Contact: Abigail Blackford
   Phone: 405-872-3175

It's a tumultuous time for Oklahoma schools and educators. Things like drastic budget shortfalls, teacher pay increases, teacher shortages, A-F grades for schools, and other issues have created rifts among teachers, administrators, parents, and legislators. 
What can we do to address these issues? It starts with establishing common ground with teachers, administrators, parents, and legislators through holding open and respectful conversations.
That is why POE is holding regional meetings called "POE Conversations." Please join us Thursday, March 30th, for one-on-one dialogue with your legislators, Senator Paul Scott and Representative Marcus McEntire, along with members of your POE Government Relations Team. We will discuss the issues affecting teachers, schools, and the Oklahoma education system...
Please feel free to invite your colleagues to this event. 
Light refreshments will be provided.

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